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   Welcome to my genealogy website. I have been researching my Brunner family line over the past decade and have made many interesting discoveries. I'm directly descended from some of the first Brunners to arrive in this country indeed before this country was even formed. Some of my ancestors may have played key roles in the very founding of America. Through our connections with the Rittenhouse line (via the Heilig line) we are related to some prominent figures in Amercan History there is even a connection to the Great Seal of the United States and the Mason Dixon Line. 

   Of primary interest to me are the Pennsylvania Brunners of Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Lower Milford, Northampton County, sometimes referred to as the 'Blue Church' Brunners, and those of Berks County, specifically those with ties to the Boyertown and Oley Valley areas. I hope to figure out how they all interconnect, I have ancestry in all three lines.

   Click on the picture to the left to see what I have discovered regarding the lineage of John Brunner, my 3rd Great Grandfather, buried at Hill Church in Bechtelsville, PA. 

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Please bear in mind that this database is by no means complete nor has every connection been thoroughly verified. While every effort has been made to assure accuracy like all family trees ours is a work-in-progress and as such may contain errors. If an error is brought to our attention we will make every effort to verify and correct the information. If reporting an error please back up any claims with supporting documentation if available.

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This site is dedicated to my grandfather, Paul I. Batman, my uncle, Paul Batman, and my sister, Danielle Brunner each of whom was taken from us too early by fatal disease, may they forever Rest In Peace.

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