Control Board Repair Service

We can repair almost any control board for most makes and models including Harman, AustroFlamm, Jamestown, Breckwell, Quadra-Fire, Whitfield, Dansons, Winrich, etc.. 

Our specialty is mainly AustroFlamm and Harman but we have had great success with other makes such as the older Jamestown models. 

Have an older Harman Pellet Pro II with burnt pins on the main board and enhancement card? We can replace the connectors and repair the board to better than original.

If you would like to have your board repaired please click on the Contact link at the top of the page and tell us what you have so we can give you an accurate estimate on turnaround time. We can usually have your board back to you in a week to 10 days once received.

Please understand that not all boards can be repaired, we will do everything we can to try and get your board operational but there are some problems that cannot be fixed. The micro-controllers used on most boards contain proprietary data put there by the manufacturer, if this data becomes corrupt or the micro-controller is damaged there is nothing we can do to repair it. This is not a problem on older boards like the AustroFlamm, Jamestown, and Harman PPII for example.

Pellet Stove Replacement Parts

We also sell replacement parts for various makes of stoves. Our main focus is on stoves that are no longer produced or so called "parts orphans", however, we also carry a number of parts for stoves that are still being produced but are hard to get parts for like older Harman models.  We have a line of new blowers made to OEM standards and designed to fit a wide variety of stoves. Why settle for a cheap sleeve bearing 'universal' blower when you can have OEM quality at aftermarket prices?

DISCLAIMER: We will not be responsible for the incorrect installation or use of our products. These parts are sold under the condition that they will be installed by a competent professional with the skills necessary for proper installation. Pellet stoves can present a serious danger to you and your family in the form of carbon monoxide. Always operate in accordance with all local codes and manufacturer's instructions. Never install a combustion fan without the proper gasket and/or sealant between the housing and stove, doing so could expose you to deadly carbon monoxide gas. If you feel you lack the skills to properly install the parts sold here please hire a local contractor with the proper training to do so. By purchasing parts you hereby agree to save and hold harmless the owner of this site and any of his heirs or assigns free of any liability whatsoever for the mis-use or mis-application of said parts.